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Wireless Solutions Industry

Connexus Wireless Solutions leads the way in delivering value
for customers by providing them with competitive solutions for
wireless on-site communication to support and
optimize their mission-critical processes

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Wireless Solutions Industry

The Stentofon range of Intercom systems from 
Connexus is designed to meet the needs
of many market sectors.

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Our Wireless solutions for industry prevent production loss such as downtime, speed loss and waste, whilst making a significant contribution to the overall efficiency and cost savings of your manufacturing operations.

We have based our wireless solutions on the concept that staff can be communicated with at anytime and anywhere within the plant; this allows for a quicker response in emergency situations.

Our Lone Worker  solutions help staff work safely even in the most challenging environments

Through integration with existing systems we help manage the flow of getting the right materials and resources together at the right time. Our range of d81 robust handsets from Ascom ensures that staff can receive alarms and time-critical information while on the move. 


The Connexus range of Intercom systems from our powerful Stentofon Intercom portfolio from Zenitel is designed to meet the needs of many market sectors, in particular Office Intercom, Parking Intercom, Security Intercom, Industrial Intercom, Lift intercom, special applications including Cleanroom Intercom, Cleanroom Phone and industrial ATEX Intercom requirements.

Lone Worker

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