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Wired Nurse Call

Wired Nurse Call

The Ackermann Nurse Call System is an optical and acoustical nurse call range with multiple call levels and optional integrated two-way speech communication. Nursing staff can receive information such as other patient calls, emergency / staff assistance  calls and Cardiac calls via corridor lamps and room terminals and information displays. Seamless integration to the our range of IP DECT or WiFi Cordless telephones and Radio pocket pagers is also available.

The Ackermann Nurse Call System range also supports many other features such as bed-light switching, full TV/Radio integration, window / blind control, speech activation and use of many other assistive technology devices.

Ackermann - Clino Systevo IP Nurse Call update, as technology changes so do brand names and Honewells Ackermann brand will be rebranded as Systevo in future representing the Ackermann System Evolution into a true "Open IP Protocal " Nurse Call System. And manitains its high reliability & quality.  

Integrated systems for greater safety and efficiency

The Systevo IP Nurse Call System is much more than just patient communication. The innovative system platform creates an open system structure, which integrates smoothly into current and future technologies. In this way, not only a much more powerful infrastructure can be created in hospitals, but also a new level of comfort, safety and efficiency. New ways are taken and open up completely new possibilities for the highest quality of care. "It unites the latest communication technology with such open standards as SIP and IP"

The core task of the Nurse Call System is thereby, as before, the safety of the patient, who is always at the focus of the considerations. The standardized Nurse Call system transmits personalized alarms, documents the calls verifiably and escalates the alarms on several levels. In this way, the patients, nursing staff and operator have the best protection.

See our Systevo IP Nurse Call page for more information or click here



Honeywell Systevo "Call Easy" handsets redefines comfort for patients in a healthcare facility. The calmness of the design and information hierarchy on the handset ensures a user-friendly and intuitive experience. The ergonomic design and comfortable haptics ensure easy operation for patients of all ages. The antimicrobial surface and UV-resistant material make the handset hygienic and easy to clean. Its IP67-rated resilient design and robust cable joinery make it a reliable product. The bedside module is designed to auto-release the plug in case of accidental pull. The many handset versions cater to different system confuration, user profile and market needs. Compatiable with our existing  "Ackermann" Call Systems as manufactured by Honeywell.

Honeywell’s latest Systevo Handsets win Red Dot design award!   Statement by the Jury "This nurse-call system sets new standards with regard to robustness, safety and reduction. Each button has been carefully placed and designed."  Click here for more information 

The Network II Nurse Call System is a compact addressable nurse call system designed to work on a simple electronic network. Patients and staff can relax in the knowledge that should help be required, either by the patient or by a member of staff; assistance can be directed to the specific room at the touch of a button.

Four call levels are available, patient-to-nurse, nurse-to-nurse, cardiac alarm and staff attack. The room’s identity is then displayed on the indicator panels at the nurse base stations, they can also be sent to radio pagers for staff who are on the move. Another feature enables staff to log their attendance, or visit, to a room when carrying out regular checks.


Like all our solutions, Nurse Call products can be combined with other Connexus products to provide an integrated communications solution customised to clients specific requirements.