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Wander Alarm Systems

Wander Alarm Systems

Managing Wandering Patients:

Patients suffering from Alzheimer's or Dementia may have a tendency to wander. Our Elpas Wander Alarm Systems from Centrak automatically notify nursing staff of unsafe patient wandering, thereby increasing both patient security and staff efficiency.

The Connexus Communications Centrak manufactured Elpas  wander alarm system equips each wandering patient with a triple technology device that immediately notifies staff when the patient wanders into a pre-defined unsafe area, for example near exit doors, stairwells where thy may be at risk of a fall and utility/service or lift lobbies. TheElpas wander alarm system reports the associated wandering patient's location in real-time to the nursing staff, and the exit door in closest proximity to the wandering patient can be automatically locked.

The Elpas wander alarm system is scalable from a local single door solution to facility-wide coverage and full integration with Nurse Call, IPDect, WiFi Cordless Telephony, door locking, elevator control is also possible.

The Elpas System therefore provides integrated solutions for combining:

Wander Alert & Wandering Patient Protection for those suffering from Alzheimer's or Dementia conditions. 

General Asset and Personnel tracking, Time and Attendance, Panic Alarm, Baby Tagging and Mother/Baby Matching


Our Ascom Telecare IP solution combines Nurse Call  adn Wander Alarm in one fully integrated system. Click HERE for more detail and view our video below highlighting its features.  


Ascom telecare IP Wander management fully integrated into our Ascom teleCARE IP Wireless Nurse Call System 














For further assistance in the management of wandering patients and residents you can use our bed exit sensor and mattress alarms to provide early intervention in the case where a wanderer attempts to leave their bed.

Please review our fall prevention and assistive technology page



Wander alarm system products can be combined with other Connexus products to provide an integrated communications solution customised to clients specific requirements.